Weekend reading links – 7th February 2016

Daniel diMartino Booth says that the Fed made a mistake in not raising rates in 2014:

Sevanti Ninan reviews Subhash Chandra’s autobiography, ‘The Z Factor’.

Ajit Ranade’s tribute to Shri. S.S. Tarapore, former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

Kanchan Gupta has had some hard hitting advice for the BJP and the PM. This was published in January.

A.K.Bhattacharya has a good look at all the problems the Finance Minister inherited and the ones over which he had no control (failed monsoons). I am not sure I agree that the UPA’s phoney fiscal deficit target of 4.1% should have been embraced.

NIA’s Pathankot probe points to an enemy within

Sidin Vadukut calls ‘Swarajya’ a disruptor in the media space. well done

The story of David Jones at Gatwick Airport in 2012

News from Nov. 2015: Ticino canton votes overwhelmingly to ban burqas on women (I think I had covered it already)

Danish girl who used pepper spray on attacker to be fined by Danish Police. People outraged.

You thought that Courts were established to ensure that people do not take law into their own hands. You are wrong. Right-thinking Indians must be worried.

Those who can read Tamil must read this. Writer Jayamohan deserves enormous praise for putting out this blog post. I may do a summary of it.



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