Mallet’s India

Victor Mallet is now all guns blazing on India (against India, of course). He has assembled an impressive array of charts to show how India does not persuade many about its 7+% growth rate. One has to agree with him. Contraction in GDP deflator while the latest reading on CPI inflation is 0.8% m/m – an annual rate of nearly 10%. How reliable are Indian statistics?

Earlier in the week, he had lamented the absence of blue skies in Delhi. Hard to quarrel with him on that one too. Indeed, one must sympathise with him for being stationed in Delhi.  I was in Delhi for a day and half in December. It was hard to be out in the open for more than a few minutes.

In between, he found time to pen a piece on the Indian Railways with a slightly positive spin, by his standards. At least, he concluded the piece on a positive note.


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