Geopolitical taste of 2016

With almost all of the votes counted, the National Front (FN) was placed first in six of the country’s 13 regions. The centre-right and Socialists in certain regions have refused to join forces to stop the FN, which could allow it to win up to four regions in the second round on Sunday.

Ms Le Pen described the result as “magnificent”, adding that it showed that the FN was now “without contest the first party of France”. [Link]

The graphics available in the two links above are, well, graphic.

Ms Le Pen made clear that once in power her party would not simply make the trains run on time. Her first measures if she is elected president of the northern region will be to lower taxes, “implement economic patriotism,” create local jobs, “push aside” companies that employ foreign workers and cut local funding for an anti-malaria project in Senegal, she said.

“I don’t see why I would pay for mosquito nets in Senegal,” she explained, “when French autistic children have to go to Belgium to be treated or when elderly people have to move to Belgium to find a place in a retirement home.” [Link]

Donald Trump has called for a “total and complete shutdown” on Muslims entering the US in a dramatic escalation of the already sharp rhetoric about Islam that has followed the terrorist attacks in California and Paris. [Link]


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