The rich vote for the Left!

Just happened to read the interview of Shri. R. Jagannathan (‘Jaggi’) who had joined ‘Swarajya’ as an editor. A very apt union, I say. He was interviewed by and his response to the last question is very interesting, thoughtful and can be the fountainhead of many policy debates, discussions.

The Q&A (that last question) is reproduced below:

We keep on hearing about building a “Right Ecosystem”. How would you define it? Do you think publications like Swarajya play in role in building such ecosystem? What else is needed to be done?

The reason why leftism dominates is because there is always a soft corner for the powerless, the poor. Also, it is easy for the left to paint the right as pro-rich, and in electoral democracies, the poor vote in larger numbers than the non-poor. The rich know this, which is why they too prefer leftist politicians, who can get the vote and then offer crony deals to the rich in the name of the poor.

Crony socialism is a problem, and part of the reason for large government spends and wastage. The right is unable to explain how the poor will benefit from a fairer capitalism and less state intervention in economic activity. This is one of the areas we can focus on in Swarajya.

Simple yet profound. The rich might vote for the Left to assuage their guilt (for being rich) and, more importantly, for the reason that Jaggi points out.

What is the policy implication from his response? How should governments package their measures?

As Jaggi says, if ‘Swarajya’ could advance the existing body of knowledge and views on these topics, sincere policymakers would be eternally grateful to the magazine.


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