No sense of shame or pride

It would take extraordinarily high levels of shallow thinking and a highly evolved shallow mind coupled with lack of commitment to one’s own country can make some one talk as Jairam Ramesh did to a foreign newspaper:

“India is not a easy country to negotiate with,” Mr. Ramesh said. “We are moralistic, we are argumentative, we are regressive. It has gone back to the old rhetoric, there is no doubt about it.” [Link]

Pity that none of his family members suggested to him that they should emigrate.

Of course, no prizes for guessing as to the purpose and slant of the ‘New York Times’ report: the only person that stands between the world existing and being ruined is Narendra Modi.

Hindustan Times, despite its debatable headline, wrote a better report.

A pleasant surprise to find a reasonable point of view on Climate Change from the Indian angle, in a Western media outlet. Edit from Bloomberg Views is worth reading.

PM Modi’s Op.-Ed. in Financial Times can be found here. Could be behind a paywall. If so, apologies.

Readers should follow the tweets of Ms. Chithra Subramanian on the Paris Climate talks.


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