Chennai airport

Few minutes ago, received an email from a friend that Chennai airport will remain closed until Sunday. It might be the worst rainfall in hundred years but how often do airports remain closed for nearly a week? Any evidence from around the world for similar or comparable natural disasters?

Could not resist adding the information below:

In October, I recall my good friend Nitin Pai sending pictures of ‘Thank you’ posters put up by some labour unions in Chennai (staff at Airports Authority of India?) for PM Modi since he did not privatise the Chennai airport.





2 thoughts on “Chennai airport

  1. This disaster is manmade.
    Following is the excerpts from TImes of india Editorial:
    “This disaster has happened as urban planners have given scant regard to hydrological data, which should be the basis while drawing up plans for any functional city. Water bodies have been encroached on, ponds and lakebeds have been converted to residential townships and unauthorised buildings have sprung up all over the city. Chennai had 150 water bodies; now only 27 exist. Add to these a badly planned storm water drainage system that was built in isolation rather than as a network. This is the perfect recipe for disaster. We have indeed gone too far in tampering with nature”


  2. Actually thanks to the closure of the airport, atleast media has noticed the plight of Chennai..If similar deluge had happened in Delhi/Mumbai there would have been overdose..unintended consequences of no privatisation perhaps..

    I mean even plight of coverage at all..

    The post says whether any privately run airport closes for that long under similar type of calamity? Well, I guess it is a matter of time for Delhi airport based on this article:

    Overall, story is the same whichever Indian city we look at. Our sheer ignorance of nature/environment and even worse is manipulate it by filling lakes, dumping garbage in open areas and so on..


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