Two thoughtful messages for PM Modi

From Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay in ET blogs

Among electoral campaigns that he has led after graduating from being a regional satrap, Modi has succeeded in only one type of campaign: destroying an already discredited incumbent. While he excels in twisting the knife inside a perforated regime — as he did to the Manmohan Singh government and later led the charge against governments in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana — Modi has not once, but twice, failed to humble an opponent not hamstrung either by anti-incumbency or a negative image. [Link]

From Ashok Malik in ET blogs

“Successful governors who get elected to the presidency have responded to Washington in different ways,” he explained, “let me give you two examples. Jimmy Carter came with a rich record from Georgia. He thought he would reject Washington and just keep doing what he had done in Georgia, surrounding himself with a familiar team. He ended up a failure.

Ronald Reagan had been governor of California and had clear economic and foreign policy ideas. But he realised he couldn’t ignore the instinctual political culture of Washington and needed to work with it. So he brought in people from outside, as well as picked and chose those in Washington, from the existing system, who could be useful. He is remembered as a pioneering president. Which one will Mr Modi be: Carter or Reagan?” [Link]


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