Back on track

A three-week long sojourn away from Singapore with six days in Chennai – 4 on the way to the UK and 2 on the way back. The first four days were spent in finishing up a paper for a conference to be organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Monetary Research, affiliated to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on monetary policy co-ordination, spillovers, etc. Odds are rather long that it would be accepted because it is too critical of the institutions that are co-organising the conference, especially the Federal Reserve.

London was vibrant. It was too hot on some days. Experienced the Wimbledon QUEUE. Not sure if I would repeat it. Managed my first entrance into the hallowed portals of Wimbledon courts. Watched matches on the 5th Friday (July 3). Four days in Scottish Highlands. Fabulous landscape – quite different from both New Zealand and Switzerland. Endless stretches of nature with nary a human being in sight. Lost my smart phone because it fell into the water. Still struggling with a old instrument. Some productivity lost.

Got back into some teaching straightaway on return. No time to catch my breath while battling jet lag. Hence, mostly been meeting regular writing obligations. But, must start somewhere. Greece, China, Draft Financial Code, etc.


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