Special Relationship

UK Treasury to advise China on financing its public projects;

UK hopes new visa system will increase China visitor numbers;

As the United States is trying to strangulate (more on the steadily accumulating evidence in later blog posts) China, UK is getting closer and closer to China. No wonder this is happening:

UK Universities under scrutiny over China ties;

Of historical interest to India is this news-item from FT in 2006! I do not know if he got one and what he offered in return for getting it or if he was sincere or not. Just putting it here for historical interest.

There is no security vs. economics related trade-off for the UK. Not even so much as Germany has vs. Russia, for example. The UK is no longer a global power with an interest in Asian regional security or hegemony as the US has. Hence, they have far more of a free lunch than what the US thinks continental Europe has from the US on their Russian policies.
If the US thinks that its continental European allies are making their down payments on security, the UK is far worse. They feel that they have all to gain on the Economics front and nothing practically to lose on the security front. Worse, they think that they can get away with it.

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