Are you serious?

Just caught up with one of my favourite blogs, ‘’. In this post dated 2nd May 2015, there is a clip lasting nearly two minutes from an interview of Stan Druckenmiller by Bloomberg. He says that China’s stock market rally on record and rising volumes could be signalling a recovery in the economy 6 to 12 months down the road. I mean, seriously? Did he read this or this?

He believes in what he sees and I do what I see. He has been tremendously successful and I have been far from one. But, I will stick to my belief that what we are witnessing is a bubble in China stocks fuelled by easy money in China and global liquidity. China had a bull market in 2006-07 and that did not herald an economic recovery in 2008, as far as I can recall. I know, I know…



2 thoughts on “Are you serious?

  1. Think you should ignore what Druckenmiller said. I know enough to cautiously examine an alternate point of view, but this time we will pass ….

    I am sure he will change his mind sooner than later. He is known to change his views very quickly and strongly.

    The chart here is pure fun. There is plenty of China fraud stocks to still short in my view. Those could be far safer …


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