Indian Law Commission

MINT carries a very useful article on the workings of the Law Commission of India which is attached to the Department of Justice in the Ministry of Law. The article says that the current Law Commission has been doing a more thorough work on some of the legislations brought to the floor of the Parliament. Good to know that people are toiling away doing real God’s work for meagre salaries.

What caught my attention was this:

The problem that the law commission faces is it has very little funds. As a result, what happens is, (academics from NLU Delhi) have an advantage because of the fact that we are sitting in Delhi (where the office of the commission is situated),” says Chandra.

“NLU Delhi gives us the support for our travel and logistical support. The law commission doesn’t even have money to reimburse our own travel internally, so it doesn’t have financial power to even involve academics from across the country,” Chandra adds. [Link]

Just take 30 seconds to reflect on the implications of this. This is a classic example of the devil being in the details.


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