Sen’s many sins – the finale?

This blog has not made any secret of its displeasure and deep resentment of the flawed economic policy prescriptions of Dr. Amartya Sen. TGS had written on Dr. Sen about six times in the last two+ years. Unfortunately, on all the occasions, it only had the misfortune of documenting the pernicious effect he was having on India through his influence with the previous UPA government. India’s present Chief Economic Advisor Dr. Arvind Subramanian had written a brilliant Op.-Ed. on the man sometime ago. Here is the link to my blog post on his article. Here is another one I wrote on Dr. Sen’s many sins.

Now that he has had the gall to go public with his unhappiness at not being reappointed as the Chancellor of the Nalanda University, it is only appropriate that he has received extensive public scrutiny of his tenure. Well, he asked for it. I sincerely hope that he regrets not having left the stage quietly and grateful for not having been called upon to explain his many acts of omission and commission as the Chancellor.

Two pieces that document his ‘contribution’ nail the many myths are important reads. Alternatively, they offer concrete evidence of the man’s shallowness and incompetence. One hopes that India has seen the last of him or heard the last from him, unless it is for testifying before a Commission of Inquiry at the mismanagement of the Nalanda University project.


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