BJP government in J&K

Of the many concessions that the Bharatiya Janata Party might have made to form the government in J&K with PDP, this one rankles:

The document, while referring to “reconciliation with Pakistan”, invokes former PM A B Vajpayee’s efforts to stabilise Indo-Pak relations and the peace process in Kashmir. It talks about “Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jhamhooriyat” as the binding principle as propounded by Vajpayee and “seconded by Prime Minister Modi”. Sources said the BJP was not keen to include this “foreign policy’’ issue in the framework.

“But they were convinced once we explained that the worst sufferers of India-Pakistan hostility was the J&K state and its people. We explained that an environment of peace was necessary for development and that couldn’t be achieved without a process of reconciliation with Pakistan,” a PDP source said. The document, sources said, reiterates the need for “movement of people and goods across the LoC” and places efforts to encourage and widen this initiative on the BJP-PDP government’s agenda. [Link]

First of all, the rationale for reconciliation with Pakistan is unclear. Second, even if it is necessary, who should take the lead? India or Pakistan? Why should it be on the agenda of a coalition government in an Indian state?



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