More reading

A very insightful and practically useful Brookings blog post on Climate Change and India. The authors use the Indo-US nuclear deal modus operandi as the template, although it is not stated. They argue that an ‘India exception’ makes sense. They argue their case well. They also bring to bear geo-political arguments on their case for an ‘India exception’. Hope someone in the US was reading it.

This Bloomberg news-story on India – US negotiations on climate change confirms the importance of that Brookings piece.

Wolfgang Streeck’s piece in the New Left Review published in May/June 2014 on ‘How Capitalism will end?’ is a great read. Paul Marshall of Marshall-Wace (a hedge fund!) closely tracks him here. The absence of a countervailing force makes any individual, institution, idea degenerate and decay over time. That is what has happened to capitalism since the 1980s.

Jamil Anderlini of the FT has a good piece on China’s unemployment problem (poor statistics on the unemployed is a problem too!). A guest post at FT’s ‘Beyondbrics’ blog (from the American Enterprise Institute) on China’s GDP statistics is well argued and rigorous. ‘Healthy’ GDP growth and falling M1 growth rate do not go together as is a flat unemployment rate and relatively more volatile GDP growth. These are great graphics from both articles.

Ricardo Hausmann’s piece on FT on how Chinese loans to Venezuela were given and handled is an abject lesson for countries living beyond their means and that too on opaque bilateral loans.

On a related note, India’s Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation is set to release Quarterly Employment Surveys. That is indeed very good news.

The Hyderabad campus of BITS is offering more seats to foreign students. That too is good news.

The United States is pushing for a bilateral investment treaty with India. Indian antennas should go up. Has India done any study on the two BIT model texts that the US has put up?


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