We are the grains

This is one of the comments:

“We will vote out immediately anyone anywhere who decides to give us the truth. We want our goodies and our lifestyle and woe-be-tide anyone who wants to take away anything that is our right!”

Another one:

“The national ethos seems to be; “How can I get ahead by the quickest means possible, pay the least amount of tax possible and use the system to my benefit.”

They were from an Australian macroeconomic blog. The post that triggered those comments is here. However, these statements can apply to most nations today – America, India, Britain, China, Singapore, UAE, etc. See, for example, this post about Sweden and asylum seekers.

We continue to pile up grains on the mountain of sand. Sometimes, nature is kind to us. The mountains collapse before they get too big. So, the damage to societies and economies is relatively limited. Examples: 1965-1982, 1987, 2000-2002. Sometimes, they collapse after a big pile builds up, triggered by a tiny grain which we cannot see. Examples: World War I, World War II, 2007-08 crisis, etc.

For example, this could be that small grain of sand or this one. Or, it could be this one. Or, some non-linear combination of some or all of them.

So, the question – as we enter into 2015 – is what awaits us there.

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