A lot in a fortnight

Realised that it has been two weeks since I did my last post. The world does not stop for us. Sometimes, it moves at breakneck speed. So much happened. Indian Space Scientists sent a mission successfully to Mars on first attempt. It cost less than an autorickshaw ride in India per km. Gurcharan Das understood the importance of the success. Professor Vijay Govindarajan wrote a blog post in HBR. The Indian PM hosted the Chinese President (did the visit go off really well?) and then took off for the United States. What did the Indian PM and the US President agree on? He wowed the audience at the Madison Square Garden and spoke at the UN General Assembly. Both were good speeches. Even the Congress MP Sashi Tharoor gave a A grade to the PM’s speech at the UN General Assembly. Sadanand Dhume of AEI wrote an interesting comment for India’s ‘Economic Times’. A shocking blog post in ‘The Economist’ on the Indian PM’s speech at Madison Square Garden. A feisty response from the old-new Indian magazine, ‘Swarajya’.

Ebola has arrived on the other side of the Atlantic. Youngsters are protesting in Hong Kong at having to choose one from among the candidates approved by China.

PIMCO and Bill Gross were synonymous. They parted ways. Gilian Tett wrote a perceptive comment on why Bill Gross’ gloss had worn off in the last three years. I could sympathise and even empathise. Wolfgang Muenchau wrote on the emergence of the Eurosceptic Alternative fuer Deutschland and the pressure it is exerting on the German Chancellor to be aggressive against fellow European nations. Vaclav Klaus’ interview to ‘The Spectator’ was a good read too. European Commission’s Commissioners’ portfolios do smack of a Soviet era cabinet. Gilian Tett wrote another post on how hubris invariably sets in, for all successful people. I used to think that I was advocating something novel – for CEOs to hire devil’s advocates to keep them grounded. Looks like Roman Generals used to have slaves walking next to their chariots telling them that they were mortal. Gilian Tett recommends hiring the modern-day equivalent of such slaves! Exactly, the point I made to a CEO at a meeting in Mumbai last week.

In Indian politics, the Congress and the National Congress Party of Sharad Pawar parted ways in Maharashtra as did the BJP and Shiv Sena. There will be a four-way contest in Maharashtra now!

I found myself agreeing with Surjit Bhalla on the cancellation of coal block licenses going all the way back to 1993 by the Supreme Court. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Ms. Jayalalitha, was arrested on a case of disproportionate assets filed against her eighteen years ago! An article that appeared in ‘India Today’ in 1996 on her arrest the first time around still looks largely relevant.

I gave an interview to Bloomberg TV in India on Sept. 26 in anticipation of RBI’s monetary policy meeting on Sept. 30.

Indian men’s hockey team beat Pakistan to win the gold medal in Asian Games. Indian team’s goalkeeper is now a national hero and why not? The men and women’s Kabaddi teams of India won gold too at the Asian Games. One Indian woman boxer was so blatantly deprived of a medal that she refused to accept it.

Oh! Yes! I forgot about the IPO of Alibaba.


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