Useful blog sites on China

I would recommend this site ‘Investing in China stocks’ for a good dose of reality check on China’s macro and other developments. Just the other day, I had posted a chart on declining FDI into China. That was from this site. The falling FDI (negative Y/Y change) is consistent with what I read elsewhere that major international brands were postponing expansion or even closing down their existing stores. They are not renewing their leases (Gucci, Swiss watchmakers, etc.).

This chart too is a tell-tale chart:

Here is the link. Well, this chart itself appears to have come from another site. This post has several other interesting charts.

The concluding lines in that post are worth thinking through:

Japan, USA, Europe and China all took turns to be the engine of the world economy between 1980 and 2010 but now we are engineless until circa 2020/2025. By demographics that means a global deflationary recession, or a depression. Passing through the solar maximum here in 2014 should produce dwindling speculation and economic activity and nudge the stock markets and world economy over the edge, feeding off each other.

I would say ‘Amen’ to that.


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