Market Mania

Some interesting links on financial markets. At the end of it, you can draw your conclusions.

This Reuters news-item features comments from the latest BIS Quarterly Review. I am yet to read the Review. BIS is concerned about elevated asset prices and holds ultra-loose monetary policy responsible for it. BIS also warns of the risk of low volatility and portfolio shifts by asset managers for Emerging Markets.

OECD has reduced growth forecasts for the world economy and Europe, in particular, for 2014 and 2015. Still 1% real GDP growth for France in 2015 is excessively optimistic.

Goodbye to capitalism and hail Financial Engineering – WSJ article on Share Buybacks by US companies.

47% of Nasdaq stocks are at least 20% below their peaks in the last twelve months. Same goes for Russell 2000 stocks. [Link]

Mohamed El-Erian questions the market’s rose-tinted glasses. I think it is more like investors are blind to certain things completely.

Martin Hutchinson on the death spiral of capitalism [Link]. There should be no doubt as to which way policy-makers will turn when asset prices crash.


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