Indian PM visits Japan

I just recorded an interview with NITI Central on the PM’s visit to Japan. As soon as it is uploaded, shall update this post with the link. I think it is a mutually beneficial relationship. India needs order, quality, technology, infrastructure. Japan needs to find some source of growth. Regardless of whether the relationship is targeted at or against any one – it need not be – India and Japan have much to gain from each other. Whether we like it or not, the mere fact of them drawing closer will bring about stability in the region and moderate the behaviour of others. The Western media has a penchant to paint this as an adversarial combination against China. See this for an example. It does not have to be. The mere combination will suffice.

Amy Kazmin’s piece in FT is not a bad one. Pankaj Mishra’ piece in Bloomberg is an example of the kind of output that we get from people who neither know their economics nor studied history well and properly. In the interests of propriety, decency, decorum and dignity, we need to stop our comments on Mr. Mishra’s columns with those remarks.


2 thoughts on “Indian PM visits Japan

  1. Dear Ananth,

    I had found the Pankaj Mishra “article” on my own and was a trifle surprised that a business site like Bloomberg would entertain an ignoramus like Mishra. Ultimately business sites tend to be rather hard-nosed and realistic. But here is an interesting fact. When I first read the piece, there were 48 comments, all uniformly negative. When I reloaded the site about twelve hours later, there were (allegedly) 95 comments, but the first 48 comments were deleted — presumably by Mishra. The only remaining comments were all highly laudatory. That is consistent with his lack of any intellectual honesty. (On an aside, one must admire Mishra’s assiduity in creating so many fake ids just so that he could praise himself!)

    We are all accustomed to reading the drivel of people like Mishra in The Guardian, which has nothing to lose by publishing drivel. (Remember the various “open letters” by assorted and self-proclaimed “intellectuals” haranguing us Indians not to elect Modi?) But we need to start a concerted campaign to get the likes of Mishra kicked out of Bloomberg, by informing the publishers that their web site instantly loses credibility with its readers by entertaining dishonest drivel-peddlers like Mishra.

    Warm regards.


  2. Fully agree, Ananth. It is a true win-win situation for India& Japan.Western Media likes to drive wedges when they see eastern powers coming together . China will benefit too with India’s pro-growth policies and determination to resolve border issues thro’ meaningful dialogues.


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