Future is history

The more one grows, the more one appreciates the importance of history. Somewhat unsurprising, I guess! But, I am not referring to nostalgia here but the importance of learning from history, especially for those who believe that life (and lives) is cyclical and not linear.

Rajamohan unconsciously/sub-consciously invokes that in his column on Indo-Japan talks:

For Modi and Abe, widely hailed and rebuked for their unabashed nationalism, the past is not really past. They are actively mobilising the past in pursuit of their current goals. [Link]

Larry Summers is thoughtful and hence insightful here in his remarks on the relevance of the past:

I’m a strong believer in the farther forward you want to look the farther back you need to look. [Link]

One thought on “Future is history

  1. I got reminded of a quote from Gladiator movie ‘What we do in life, echoes in eternity’..as you said in the other post, if one forgets the history, one must be ready to condemned to repeat it.Life & lives are indeed cyclical, it may not repeat exactly in terms of concurrence, but they do repeat in other forms and that’s why we say..Deja Vu….


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