Who changed and why?

A good friend had forwarded this article by Shekhar Gupta, formerly of ‘Indian Express’ and now with ‘India Today’. The article is well written and is worth a read, regardless of what you are going to read below. You can find it here. I had the following thoughts, however:

The article is fine and dandy. IF the PM had been like this since 2007, I am not sure I saw them reflected in Shekhar Gupta’s Op.-eds in IE. We shall let that pass. Quite a few of us knew this trait of the PM – he will not go out of his way to pamper or pander and that he treats all his people equally. He had made that clear several times not just in the campaign, but well before that – in many Q&A in media organised conferences, etc.

The commentators just refused to see that image because it did not fit into their prism. Now, this is a tacit acknowledgement that the man had not changed but that their view of him has changed (because he is in power? – we shall let that one pass too) because they were wrong. They should be gracious in admitting it even if some of us would wonder if his being in office has anything to do with it.


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