Indian PM gets it right

At the BJP National Council Meeting over the weekend, the Prime Minister has struck the right notes and the right tone when he told the Party to champion one cause for a year and go all out on it. Here is how NITI Central reports:

Party will have political issues as its prime agenda. But the BJP must create its own identity amid this jungle of political parties. More than that, it should dedicate each year for a cause and spend the entire system for that. As an example, say if we dedicate one year for Energy Saving,” he said. “If we approach every school, college, residential areas and create awareness. One year, if we take up sanitation as the prime issue and reach out to all homes and villages. It would be able to transform this much needed issue into a movement. As Acharya Vinoba Bhave used to say, asarkari – asardari – non-governmental initiatives are at times more effective,” Modi opined.

In fact, even the government can focus on one issue and go all out on it. For example, it has to start with electricity. 24*7 power of reasonable quality at reasonable price with explicit and limited subsidy – targeted and with ceiling – will add 2% to GDP growth. He should know that free power to farmers has had its effect on the country’s water table. Indian farmers have to diversify and free power actually is a disincentive to do so. Read this news-item in MINT today for the mess that the power sector still is.

In the process of making India’s power generation-transmission-distribution-consumption viable, a lot of other related issues will come up and be resolved too. That is the answer to those who would retort that a government cannot be a single-issue government.

The PM should seriously set this as his agenda. Electricity – 24*7 – for all in the country will have multiple benefits – from education to health to law&order and safety, etc. It will bring down the cost of doing business.


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