Good show, India

India’s decision to accept arbitration settlement on the sharing of sea-waters in the Bay of Bengal with Bangladesh deserves fulsome praise for its optics and timing, even if one does not understand the relative merits of the settlement.

This comes with many potential benefits. It is a solid demo. of India’s emphasis on  good neighbourliness. It shows Pakistan what it can gain, if only it stopped engaging and encouraging militants to hurt India. It shows up China in rather poor light, especially in the light of all that has been happening in Vietnam offshore and in Philippines-China disputes. India accepts an arbitration settlement whereas China refused to even consider arbitration proceedings legitimate. Further, while India’s ‘intransigence‘ in WTO is being attacked (wrongly, unfairly and unreasonably), this one shows that India can be flexible.
I only hope that India gained many other ‘quid pro quo’ – on infiltration, terrorism base, etc.  Overall, I think there is much to commend in this development.
Good show, India.

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