Global headlines

This blogger had suddenly cooled off on global developments in the last few weeks. Time to make up for the ‘lapse’. Here are some headlines. I am sure you will reach your own conclusions as to what they mean for you, as I have.

France is going to defy American and other allies’ protests on the sale of warship to Russia (Wall Street Journal).

Does America have much of a leverage after they chose to levy a huge fine on BNP Paribas with worse to follow? (Reuters and Financial Times). Ever wondered why America chose to focus on foreign-born individuals and foreign financial institutions?

Russian Military Jet Intercepted U.S. Plane Near Japan (Bloomberg)

I see significant potential for volatility and setbacks on financial markets over the next few quarters. [Axel Weber in Financial Times].

Axel Weber is chairman of UBS and former President of German Bundesbank

Tranquil markets are enjoying too much of a good thing [Gillian Tett in FT]

We will continue to make bad forecasts, regardless, I guess. What else can we do for a living? Tim Harford on not a single forecast of recession even in the third quarter of 2008 for 1009 and in 2011 for 2012 [Financial Times]

Apparently, Krugman is not happy with Riksbank’s conduct of monetary policy. Shouldn’t they be feeling more confident of their policy stance, consequently? [Bloomberg]

Basically, we have no clue as to what is going on [Bloomberg]

Singapore is naturally concerned about intra-Asian disputes and conflicts (Bloomberg)

This is an interesting story on Sijori – Singapore is thinking quite a bit ahead (Bloomberg). But, when will this run into the limits of sovereignty?


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