Power without purpose

That is the title of my review of Sanjaya Baru’s ‘Accidental PM’. It is published in Pragati.


2 thoughts on “Power without purpose

  1. Come on, we can’t call him remote control and also powerful, 🙂 can we?

    We have lost tragic 10 years to lots of things which could have been done better – PDS, energy reforms, institution building (how easy it is for people to say when they refer to Modi as someone who hurt public insitutions but forget how Rajshekhar Reddy inspired Congress / UPA undid electricity reforms in quick time), health sector capacity building, etc.

    But is it not that trick to write and say what people believe or willing to believe once more by most of the English Media 🙂


    1. He held a position of power for ten years but he did not have a purpose and that is why he gave the remote control to some one else.


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