Anti-Modi Antidote

Here is someone writing for a western newspaper (FT) who finally gets it (ht: Arun Kumar):

Now, the private sector’s faith in Mr Modi and his mandate can become self-fulfilling. [Link]

In other words, he understands that all those who are splitting hairs on which matters rest with States and what rests with the Centre are missing the wood for the trees as they did, when they projected  the number of seats the BJP would get.

This mandate, simply put, is about Hinduism even more than Hindu nationalism, or secularism. It might sound paradoxical, but by running on a promise of universal good, rather than on divisive identity-rhetoric, Mr. Modi has re-established a very Hindu way of looking at the world. This is important to recognize, because the anointed secular position against Mr. Modi, though seemingly a good thing–for secularism is a good thing in my view — has very little intellectual, emotional, or moral purchase in large sections of India’s young today. We need to recognize that, and to respect that. [Link – ht. Chandrasekhar Gupta]

The paragraph above is from an article in ‘Huffington Post’ by one Mr. Vamsee Juluri and it is worth reproducing in full. But, I had just picked out a few lines. Some one gets it finally and very well too.

From Indian newspapers:

I used to read Jason Burke quite a bit in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Even though he writes for the ‘Guardian’, he is no misled and misleading left-liberal hypocrite. His piece published in India’s ET is a good one. His final parting shot is a good one.

Our own home-grown Siddharth Singh has written about the information bubble that Delhi’s opiated intellectuals fed and feasted on. He could have called it an ‘incestuous information bubble’ because each one fed off the other and believed their stories to be the authentic representation of India. Good stuff, Siddharth [Link]

I understand that Ms. Gayatri Chandrasekaran is a new journalist with MINT. She has been writing some very good stuff on happenings in foreign soil (e.g., Boko Haram). This piece is a very good one and, if I am not mistaken, probably her first on domestic matters. Her conclusion is similar to the one written by Vamsee Juluri in ‘Huffington Post’, linked above:

When they fear and dismiss Modi’s idea of India as “exclusionist”, are they not doing the same thing when they reject any idea of India which is not what they thought should have been the result of this election? [Link]



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