Teaching real economics

The department chair at a top university in Turkey lamented that students could handle any applied maths exercises thrown at them, but if asked about the economy “their reasoning is no different from the wisdom of taxi drivers, and sometimes a bit less well informed”.

Nataly Grisales, writing in a student newspaper in Bogotá about her decision to study economics said: “A professor mentioned that economics would give me a way to describe and predict human behaviour through mathematical tools, which seemed fantastic to me. Now, after many semesters, I have the mathematical tools; but all the people I wanted to study have disappeared from the scene.”

Both these paragraphs are from an article by Wendy Carlin, an economist with the University College, London. She is involved in a project to re-design an economics curriculum. It appears to be supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

The Post-Crash Economics Society (PCES) at the University of Manchester launched an initiative to teach economics better after the crash. Their efforts did not bear fruit exactly in the way they intended when the University vetoed a course proposal that they had floated.

I landed up reading this article and several others from this blog post.


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