‘Unfriending’ China

This Reuters article on German ‘honeymoon’ with China fading makes for interesting reading. From the Indian perspective, it is important to draw the right lessons.

What this article talks about may be the slow re-think but the fact is that the relationship soared to great heights and all because of China’s impressive economic growth. Savour the statistics.

Whether they like China or not, it takes enormous efforts for many countries to ‘unfriend’ (to use a Facebook jargon) China. They do not require much time to do the same to India simply because the economic relationship, in most cases, is too small to matter.

Through its sheer economic size, China created stakes for many countries in its economic health. No diplomacy required. Economy did it for them.

That is the biggest disservice that the UPA did to India. It has hugely undermined the Indian growth story. Big time. To an extent, the recent Indo-US divide could be traced to that.


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