The hubris of the Western MSM

The title of the article, ‘How the best of times is making way for the worst’ attracted me in FT. I clicked to read it and found that it was written by Philip Stephens. The comments were a lot more thoughtful and thought-provoking than the article. In fact, one commentator says as much:

 As so often in the FT, the comments are the thing worth reading.

Another commentator had written that he/she has cancelled his/her subscription to ‘Economist’ and that FT is under the scanner too!

 I’ve already cancelled my Economist subscription and the FT one is beginning to look shaky

Here is another gem:

Sorry, Philip – but as far as the FT is concerned, the worst times are coming in the form of a BIASED mainstream press. The increasingly strident and politically-charged tone used in virtually every FT article is becoming almost unbearable for any reasonable reader with an independent mind.

So the bottom line is: don’t turn this into another TIME or The Economist, please.

If I were in their (‘Economist’, TIME and FT) shoes, I would be seriously worried about credibility. Of course, I am assuming that they value credibility more than their financials.

When Western mainstream media overdoes it, they do not realise that they are undermining the very cause, the very people or the very institutions they are seeking to support and, more importantly, turning off the very reader segment that reads them in the first place – those who have a mind of their own and form their own judgements and all that they are looking for, is to be challenged and to be offered fresh perspectives.

Look at the third line of the article by Philip Stephens:

 Russia’s annexation of Crimea has upturned the assumption that states cannot extend their borders by force. [Emphasis mine]

How can any one with intelligence and independent thinking proceed to read the article? The double-standards and disinformation campaign by the West is simultaneously breathtaking, brazen, baffling and frustrating. Declaration of independence by Kosovo from Serbia was fair game but Crimean self-determination is not. Toppling an elected Ukraine government is fair game while Michelle Obama talks up freedom of choice in China! There are limits.

Even western populations were willing to tolerate, accept and even celebrate inequality of outcomes as long as they thought or believed that the playing field was not deliberately tilted against them and that the rules of the game were not rigged against them by design. That belief has been shaken in the economics sphere.

The hubris of the elites (for the most part) has blinded them to this serious breach of trust that they have created in their own societies. The same hubris is making them commit egregious errors like these in the geo-political space too, even as they continue to mouth sanctimonious lines of morality, democracy, freedom of choice, expression and right to self-determination, etc. It is all becoming unbearable.

(Philip Stephens’ article might be available only for FT subscribers. Not that you would miss it, if you are not a subscriber)


2 thoughts on “The hubris of the Western MSM

  1. I am sorely tempted to stop subscription. The monthly charges have gone up steeply in last 3 years and I just now cannot stand the political articles. Even Martin Wolf has taken a puke worthy tone ….
    There is no alternate easy platform to read people whom you’d like to read and follow. So that saves them for now.


    1. Good things will become scarcer and more difficult to find and they have been so, in many other areas of life too. That is ‘Kali Yuga’ dharma.


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