Done deal?

One of the risks of Indian elections is that our leaders take their eyes off the ball of what is happening globally. Even in normal times, they are prone to do that. The Indian media is worse than US media in navel gazing. Part of the explanation is that this is an inherent risk for big nations since so much happens on-shore. Part of the explanation is hubris, competence and ignorance too.

A ex-US diplomat testifies that Taiwan has already ‘become’ part of China. The implications are clear. He seems to be ‘accusing’ that the US has abandoned Asian democracies. Something that must be resonating well from Japan to India. In other words, his testimony raises the question of whether the United States has ‘blessed’ Taiwan’s de-facto ‘merger’ with China.

In the meantime, students in Taiwan want the formation of an institutinalised set-up to oversee the Taipei review of the Cross-Straits Agreement on Trade in Services (or is it Trade and Services). Students appear to be anxious that Taipei does not concede too much to China without subjecting the agreement to greater scrutiny, public review, etc. Sounds like the students are pursuing a very laudable and worthy objective. The government has not reacted well to that. Very interesting to note that a former Political Science Professor and the current Premier in Taiwan had ordered a crackdown on students at the National Taiwan University. Power and situations can do a lot to change ideals and ideologues – one more evidence. The links are here, here and here.

In the meantime, it is interesting that Singapore has offered to midwife a meeting between Taiwan and PRC Presidents.

I wonder if any of these got coverage in Indian mainstream newspapers. I would be happy to see evidence to the contrary.


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