The fall lady

The English language media (for the most part, that is) in India is going on an overdrive painting Ms. Jayanti Natarajan as the person responsible for all of India’s economic ills since 2009 – low growth, high inflation and low capital formation, etc. It is as easy as that. We have located the problem. Remove it and India will be growing at 8% to 10% again with an inflation rate that does not exceed 5%, current account deficit that does not exceed 3% and a fiscal deficit that does not exceed 3% either. It has been said before and it would merit saying many times over – the English language media of India (again, for the most part, that is) is in love with itself and not with the country and hence would continue to mislead, misinform and harm its readers and the country. This article is just but one example.

I do not know Ms. Jayanthi Natarajan and I do not hold any brief for Congress Ministers, in general. For all I know, she might have caused a lot of damage by sitting on files without clearing them or sitting on them, after clearing them.

However, I am amazed that the first question that comes to my mind is not being asked by anyone here. Could she have done it alone? Was she acting on general instructions/guideline/principles given to her? Perhaps, she might have implemented the guidelines overzealously or perhaps not. Given the Congress culture of governance, it is elementary logic to ask that question.
But, given the bizarre world of Indian media and politics, it is also the elementary logic of self-preservation and self-interest not to ask such questions, I guess.

One thought on “The fall lady

  1. Mrs. Natarajan is not alone in this league, Maharashtra CM -Prithviraj Cjavan is also being blamed by cabinet colleagues for the same kind of behavior. In the recent days, particularly after the state assembly results of Hindi land, the state congress & its ally NCP has become more vocal to force him to clear the files. Thus, you are absolutely right, such behavior is hallmark of those congress leader who are actually close to Congress High command, in this case both the leaders mention here, are known as close aid of High command.


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